Thursday, January 1, 2015

DESERT LIFE and ISLAND LIFE- Travel Programs 2015

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Embark on an artistic exploration of the diverse tropical wildlife of Puerto Rico, including rainforest, mountain, beach and coastal environments.
Discover the unique beauty and wildlife of the desert in this one-of-a-kind artistic journey through white sand dunes, black lava rock, underground caverns, and mountain landscapes of West Texas and New Mexico.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


REGISTER HERE:  under Liberal Arts classes
Massachusetts College of Art and Design
DATES: 6/24 to 7/3 2014

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Announcing... WILDLIFE!

August 5th- 9th, 2013
Opening Reception August 5th, 4:30 to 6:30 PM
The Godine Family Gallery
North Building, Massachusetts College of Art
621 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02115

WILDLIFE: Visual Explorations of Biological Forms in Nature is an exhibit of biological art from 12 artists who spent 12 days in nature exploring and studying plants and animals in Dr. Saúl Nava's four week summer course.

Artists: Jackson Boener, Jia Chen, Angela DeVesto, Kyle Fleischer, Sydney Greenley Kois, Susanna Haas, Patrick Manning, Cooper McDonald, Johanna Merfeld, Kristin Reeder, Emily Silva, and Harry Stone

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Caribbean Field BIO+ART- JAMAICA 2014

Stay tuned for registration info for
Field BIOART in the TROPICS:
Collaborative R.N.A. (Research in Nature and Art) in
MassArt International Travel course, Spring+Summer 2014
contact Saúl Nava for more info: saul.nava"@"

 A charismatic Jamaican Gray Anole (Anolis lineatopus)

Natural History and Biological Art course at MassArt

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Friday, June 21, 2013

From the Field, to the Studio, to the Gallery- Photos of Art from the SUPERNATURAL Show

Esther Moon, Daphnia sp.

Esther Moon, Daphnia sp.

Brittany Fix, Facets
Brittany Fix, Facets

Brittany Fix, Facets

Brittany Fix, Fungus

Add captionBrittany Fix, Fungus

Esther Moon, Red Pine

Esther Moon, Red Pine

Lucretia Seabrook, Ant Plot

Brittany Fix, My Precious

Lucretia Seabrook, Caterpillar Cannibal

Lucretia Seabrook, Green on Green

Simona Babasika, The Bees

William Lin, The Guardian

Valeska Freire Marulanda, Barks video, see this post to see videos

Valeska Freire Marulanda, Multi-Cellular Organisms Move video, see this post to see videos

Jordan Piantedosi, Cannibal Eve

Jordan Piantedosi, Cannibal Eve

Lucretia Seabrook, Mourning Cloak Butterfly

Brianna de L'airre, Mine and Kinsey's Nightmare

Brianna de L'airre, Mine and Kinsey's Nightmare and Attraction

Brianna de L'airre, Attraction

Brianna de L'airre, Mine and Kinsey's Nightmare

Brianna de L'airre, Mine and Kinsey's Nightmare

Brittany Fix, My Precious

Esther Moon, Red Pine

Jordan Piantedosi, Doom Crown
Valeska Freire Marulanda, Barks videos, see this post to see videos

William Lin, Web
Field BioArt Class collaboration, Habitats

Some Photos of the SUPERNATURAL Show Reception